Ingrid Blixt, visual artist

I am a visual artist, now living in Lansing, Michigan.
I was born in Romania where I finished school, but I lived most of my adult life in US, Michigan.
My journey started in Romania and took me to far away lands, as amazing as the ones I came from.
Through motherhood and creativity, with no deja-vu’s, only new days filled with new wonders, new worries and new rememberings of old wisdoms which remind you to not worry – I ride along 4 beautiful souls, 4 beautiful faces, too often poking at bright screens; four people I’m so happy I got the chance to meet: my husband and 3 children.
We live in Lansing, Michigan, a place I never thought I would live, by two pink flowering crab apple trees, with blooms that are the highlight of our spring.
I like to make things: I make art, crooked benches, improvised looms… and love photography – I actually think it helps me remember magical moments. When it comes to art, graphite drawing is my first choice, sometimes combined with silver leaf. Otherwise I incorporate in my work encaustic painting in combination with reclaimed barn wood and when it comes to it, a variety of mixed media techniques: I learned to appreciate digital illustration for its versatility or the metal leaf for its magical element of light through its reflective properties.
The use of metal leaf is inspired from Byzantine iconography, which is so close to my heart. Along with Byzantine art, Christian philosophy are the main influences in my work, but i have to admit Pintrest is pretty cool too.
In my first years living in US, I was describing my work as bringing with it the experience of a different cultural environment, which was true, although I was highlighting the differences – now, i see my work as a tool in finding common elements that unite us.

After our first daughter was born, my work naturally gained a new dimension and surfaced in the form of colorful, whimsical illustrations, therefore my studio branched a new line: Bright Day . The playful artworks in this line come as originals (digital illustrations combined with traditional techniques), prints, jewelry and fabric designs, often incorporating drawings my daughter and I make together.

Besides studio work I teach art classes on various techniques from digital to traditional mediums and work on various graphic design/web projects.

I graduated with a MFA from the University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, Romania.

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