Prayer by Ingrid Blixt - original encaustic mixed media carved in reclaimed barn wood


The carvings in this reclaimed hand hewn beautiful barn wood, have encaustic paintings embedded in them to create a "window" for thought and prayer. The painting consists of layers of pigmented beeswax (encaustic) and it is finished with a line drawing and stain for a beautiful patina.
The use of the hexagonal pattern reminds of the honeycomb - The perfect hexagonal cells in the honeycomb are beautiful visually and scientifically: it is the most efficient shape that could have been used for both structural strength and beeswax economical use. Any other shape would have required more time and more precious beeswax use.
And, the hexagon has more meaning in the context of the whole honeycomb then as an individual shape. I like to think the same about our lives, our value and meaning is so much stronger when we are connected to other lives.
Inspired from the honeycomb, a prayer: My Lord, arrange my life according to your will, like a honeycomb, so there is no room for evil and lay upon it all your holy word, like honey. Amen
For this piece, parts of the encaustic painting is covered with 23 K genuine gold leaf to remind that the prayer is just like the liquid gold of honey.
The painted flower is a dandelion, which changes magically over night... so much beauty in the humble dandelion.
The block measures 12"x 6" x 4" deep, can hang on the wall or rest on a shelf.

The barn wood block is beautiful from any angle and the natural element gives it a wonderful presence.

Please note that the barn wood used for the artwork is weathered wood with cracks and imperfections, nail marks, sometimes embedded nails and it is meant to be used as is. All the imperfections are not a defect but add to the rustic beauty of the artwork.
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